2012-10-16 free nod32 username and passwords

Username: TRIAL-74437405
Password: 57v7pnc3p3

Username: TRIAL-74437434
Password: 63ncr7sbtp

Username: TRIAL-74437458
Password: 8sx8xbuhhp

Username: TRIAL-74437504
Password: 8jsjvs62fm

Username: TRIAL-74437533
Password: u7bjxjk4vu

Username: TRIAL-74437573
Password: 8jaa53j4v7

Username: TRIAL-74437610
Password: panprkkcbu

Username: TRIAL-74437655
Password: 7b4kjc65ur

Username: TRIAL-74437684
Password: t2kjk5k7a3

Username: TRIAL-74441201
Password: jdpksdh7bx

Username: TRIAL-74441249
Password: ptjsjr4cap

Username: TRIAL-74441322
Password: tdn3pcf3vk

Username: TRIAL-74441392
Password: jrk5u7tht3

Username: TRIAL-74443930
Password: r247v6tu8r

Username: TRIAL-74443971
Password: 3df7u45xps

Username: TRIAL-74444037
Password: 286aeeutt5

Username: TRIAL-74444067
Password: ujn6b2kkb8

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