2012-05-11 free nod32 username and passwords

Username: TRIAL-65993734
Password: 52kck8rvt7

Username: TRIAL-65999343
Password: 28245rrkep

Username: TRIAL-65999408
Password: 6rp4fxt6kv

Username: TRIAL-65992552
Password: tfkbr37kfe

Username: TRIAL-65992456
Password: 5av5jndtea

Username: TRIAL-65991213
Password: rcv7uekhk3

Username: TRIAL-65991186
Password: bdc5njh57k

Username: TRIAL-65991094
Password: tj6vxamunt

Username: TRIAL-65990617
Password: 2bja2mde8f

Username: TRIAL-65990530
Password: hnjvrnffjn

Username: TRIAL-65990495
Password: jnkv8u5vj3

Username: TRIAL-65990007
Password: fvrxm5hkdr

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